Ezra Oluwatosin Olubi
Using information technology to simplify business processes effectively and efficiently.
Location: Lagos, Nigeria. (updated 1638 days ago)
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The works listed here are projects I own. For list of everything I've ever worked on, check my resume.
A secure instant messaging application for corporate organizations. Client server connections are encrypted using 128-AES. Support for file transfers. Written in VB6 as my final year project in school. Update: I lost the code due to harddisk failure. Plan is to rebuild it in managed code.
A Windows Mobile client for Twitter built on .NET and based on Quakk. Development ceased.
An open source universal database client built on .NET. Currently supports MySQL and MS SQL Server connections. Plan is to modularise the application and add support for Oracle and DB2 connections using plugins. Anyone would be able to develop plugins to use with the application in future. Work in progress.
A music search and download tool for Windows Mobile devices. Development ceased.
SoftPurse Connection Library
A library for connecting to the SoftPurse payment platform from both desktop and mobile clients. Built on .NET. Completed.
A crowdsourced directory of eateries in Nigeria. Catalogue allows standard eateries as well as local 'joints'. Users can rate and comment on entries. Initial launch will be a standard website closely followed by a mobile site. A comprehensive set of APIs will be available for developers to build 'location-aware' mobile applications around available data. (view site)
Mutual Followers
MutualFollowers is a fun Twitter app that allows users determine whose timelines their tweets will appear when they @reply a particular account. (view site)
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